Shingeki no Kyojin + Tokyo Ghoul || Part 3/?

We are the same, yet very different 


"Cosmic State"

A very late upload. Ive been out of tumblr for a while.

I made this during that horrid week when news broke out that Nick was taking LoK off the air. I understand that things got a little brutal but damn it broke my heart what they did.

I thought that Korra’s spirit alone could become the spiritual titan, what more if combined with Raava. (/*O*\)


Jäger booty on stable duty.

How am I... pretty?


New clip from “After All These Years”. [x]


The Legend of Korra’s Final Book Countdown

People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.


YA lit meme:
five protagonists » Tris, America, Thomas, Katniss and Rose.


Zakyou no terror Tribute

I was so prepared for their deaths…I knew it was gonna be a tragic end… but then they showed that scene where the 3 of them played around as if they were kids for the first time of their lives. AND I TOLD MYSELF: “Wow. It was a happy ending aftera——”

and then the americans came. YEY. 

; A ;

I need to talk to someone. Anyone? Please?